Grant awards from LMCC's Manhattan Arts Grants programs must be used for project-related costs for publicly accessible arts activities in Manhattan, as outlined in the grantee's application to Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. 

In the event of any significant changes in the timing or scope of grant-related activities, the grantee must submit this completed form to LMCC as soon as the change is known. Upon receipt and review of this form, LMCC will determine if the grant is still valid and applicable to proposed changes.

Please note: 

Creative Engagement, Creative Learning and UMEZ Arts Engagement are project-specific grants and may only be used for the project proposed in the original application. All funded activities, especially the public component, must take place within January 1 – December 31, 2019. 

Creative Engagement, Creative Learning funded activities must take place within the borough of Manhattan. UMEZ Arts Engagement funded activities must take place within Upper Manhattan defined as north of 98th Street on the east side of Fifth Avenue; and north of 110th Street on the west side. 

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