The Arts Center at Governors Island is home to year-round artist residency programs for artists working in any discipline. LMCC’s residency programs aim to meet the immediate studio space needs of the artist community we serve by converting unconventional, vacant spaces into work and process space for artists. With the Arts Center at Governors Island, LMCC established our first permanent location for artistic process, presentation and gathering. LMCC’s residency programs are a vital part of our commitment to ensuring artists have free, collaborative space for creative development and production in New York City today and long into our shared futures.

The 2023 Arts Center Residency will offer residencies to artists and creative practitioners, currently in need of studio space to support their practice, who are interested in a short-term residency experience focused on experimentation, ongoing development, and being in dialogue with fellow residents. LMCC welcomes applications from artists whose practice is self-directed and process-based and would benefit from the unique resource of the Arts Center at Governors Island serving as an incubator for research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The residency will take place in the open plan studios at LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island in two sessions:

  • Session One: Monday, April 3 - Friday, July 28, 2023
  • Session Two: Monday, August 21 - Friday, December 15, 2023


Residency participants will be provided the following basic amenities:

  • Access to free, temporary, work space in LMCC’s Arts Center for 4 months
  • Semi-private open floor plan studios - approximately 250 square feet
  • Basic work tables and chairs
  • Basic overhead lighting
  • Electricity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Heat & A/C

In addition, all residency participants will be offered:

  • Opportunities for professional development, group sharing and peer critique
  • Opportunities to share work in-person with the public during LMCC’s 2023 Public Season at scheduled Open Studios moments
  • Access to LMCC’s publicity and marketing efforts via its website, e-blasts, and social media channels

Please note:

  • There is NO stipend offered as part of the opportunity
  • Studios facilities do not offer access to medium- or technique-specific amenities such as a woodshop, print or media lab, or a large rehearsal space
  • Artists must provide and transport their own supplies and tools; restrictions apply
  • Participants will be required to observe mandatory COVID-19 health and safety guidelines


To be eligible, applicants must be:

  • A practicing, mid-career artist and/or creative practitioner as demonstrated by a sustained commitment to their work, career, and a public audience;
  • New York City based resident who works independently or as a small collective (no more than 3);
  • 21 years of age or older;
  • Must not have been supported by an LMCC residency program in the last six (6) months;
  • Must not be scheduled to participate in another residency during the residency time frame offered; and must not have existing studio space


  • November 8, 2022 – Application Opens (on Submittable)
  • December 13, 2022, 5PM EST – Application Deadline
  • February, 2023 – Selection Juries
  • Late February, 2023 – All applicants notified
  • March, 2023 – Finalist Interviews

Residencies will take place in two sessions, as outlined above, from April through December 2023


A jury comprised of former LMCC resident artists will review applications using the following selection criteria:

  • Artistic practice is driven by curiosity: where experimenting, questioning, learning, and understanding are valued in the artist’s creative development;
  • Artistic practice is process-oriented and research-based and would benefit from time and space to reflect and ponder in the retreat-like setting of Governors Island;
  • Clear intentions in residency and artistic goals, and ideas to be explored;
  • Willingness and interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement in a community-oriented setting, of fellow artists and the larger public (when applicable);
  • A creative process that will flourish given space limitations (open plan, semi private, temporary walls).

LMCC is committed to assembling cohorts of artists in residence that collectively reflect the cultural and creative diversity of the field including artists of diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexual identities, genders, ages, physical abilities, and artistic genres and forms.


Please refer to the Arts Center Residency program webpage for comprehensive program information.


Create an Account: Below, create an account for Submittable if you have not used the online submission platform before or login to your existing Submittable account. Your application will always be connected to your account. The main point of contact for your application should manage and maintain access to your Submittable account.

Saving Your Work: Once you have set up your account, you can begin filling out the Application Form. The form periodically saves to your account. However, we highly encourage you to save a draft of the application offline, or use the "Save Draft" button at the bottom of the form before exiting. Each time you save, the latest draft will be kept in your Submittable account. Please note: if you have this form open in multiple windows, Submittable will auto save the version that is last open. We recommend saving your responses in a document offline and copying and pasting them into the Application Form from there.

Submit: Application forms are not considered final until submitted. Once you have submitted the form, you will not be able to make changes, or resubmit. You will receive an automated confirmation email when your application has been successfully submitted.

Technical Support: If you do not have a computer or reliable Internet access and are having trouble filling out the Online Application Form, please email ArtRes@lmcc.net to set up an appointment to use one of LMCC's computers. Appointments are available during office hours (weekdays, 10am-6pm). Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • For website-related questions, contact Submittable.
  • For general inquiries about the program, contact Artres@lmcc.net
  • For general inquiries about the program, you can also reach out to Esther Nguyen, Program Associate, Artist Services at 212 981 2247 from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday.


December 13, 2022 at 5 PM Eastern Standard.

No late applications will be accepted. Virtual interviews will be scheduled for finalists. All applicants will be notified in late February 2023.


In Fall 2019, we reopened LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island, our first permanent home for artists and audiences, and the gateway to Governors Island’s Historic District. Built in 1870, the 40,000 SF warehouse is a gathering place for artists, an incubator for new works through LMCC’s residency programs, and an open space for the public to engage with art and take part in the creative process. Since our re-opening in Fall 2019, LMCC's Arts Center at Governors Island has offered yearlong artist residency programs with studio and presenting space for artists to develop their work, and a broad range of events during the public season. With our expansion, we have 19 open-plan studio spaces, two rehearsal spaces, and larger assembly spaces.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.